TC8000 Touch Computer

Organization: Zebra Technologies
Year: 2016

The TC8000 Touch Computer is used in a range of warehouse applications where it is critical that tracking and accounting packages are performed accurately. Getting more work done with less physical effort—it works by allowing the user to simultaneously scan bar codes and verify items on the user facing display in manual picking operations. This is a key innovation because current mobile computers do not enable this. This is a first-ever for the mobile computing category and opens up new productivity for customers without needing to invest in infrastructure. The intent is to be able to drop this device into an existing workflow without touching back-end infrastructure and yield 14 percent or more productivity increases while reducing worker fatigue.  For warehouse customers who strive to achieve a 2 percent productivity boost, 14 percent is a huge amount by comparison.  This is the most versatile mobile computer, offering a new hands-free proximity scanning capability.