RadHalo RDP and FM Spectroscopic Area Monitors

Organization: Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
Year: 2016

RadHalo RDP and FM Spectroscopic Area Monitors are the first products in a new line of area monitors for radiation detection and identification that eliminate the operational requirements for nuclear power and emergency response personnel. The RadHalo RDP is designed for portability, rapid deployment and autonomous operation, while the RadHalo FM is designed for permanent and constant area monitoring. These high-precision spectroscopic instruments offer hands-free technology—a first for the industry—to monitor dose rate and accurately identify radiation from miles away, with a rugged design that allows for uninterrupted usage in any environment, even extreme weather situations. The RadHalo instruments offer new features designed to allow security units, military teams and first responders to rapidly and safely address radiation threats while maintaining focus on other tasks. Personnel can collect real-time data at checkpoints, entrances and large public gatherings through a wide range of reach-back options, including Wi-Fi, satellite, radio cellular and direct wire.