syngo.via Frontier

Organization: Siemens Medical Solutions USA Inc.
Co-Developer(s): Siemens Healthcare GmbH
Year: 2016

The syngo.via Frontier: Cinematic Rendering is a new research software that offers a ground-breaking paradigm to render volumetric medical image data with stunning depictions of anatomical details. This novel software is made available as part of the syngo.via Frontier research platform that enables medical research facilities to explore new post-processing methods. As opposed to conventional rendering methods, such as ray casting or other Volume Rendering methods that models only one light ray per pixel, path tracing integrates a huge number of light rays, each with different paths to form each pixel of the rendered image. This produces a complex illumination effect in computer-generated images by mimicking the real-world interaction of light with matter. This novel approach leads to a natural and physically accurate presentation of the medical data, which considerably enhances depth and shape perception. Since the human brain is adept in interpreting the slightest shading cues to reconstruct shape and depth information, the results are physically plausible images that are instantaneously intuitive for the human brain.