SoPoWake Autonomous Landslide Surveillance System

Organization: Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Year: 2016

SoPoWake Autonomous Landslide Surveillance System uses soil water content sensors to monitor the water content in soils and generates alert messages over a wireless network to provide early warnings of possible imminent occurrence of mudslides. Because of the large geographic coverage of this system, it is prohibitively expensive to power it using wired electricity transmission, and use of regenerative energy and battery is preferred. This product solves the energy supply problem of Autonomous Landslide Surveillance (ALS) systems by an environmental interrupt mechanism, which wakes up the sensor and communication circuits in an ALS node only when the water content in monitored soils exceeds a certain threshold, and thus completely eliminates the need for an ALS node to periodically wake up, sense and communicate. As a result, a SoPoWake ALS system’s power consumption is close to zero when the water content level is low, and starts to increase after the water content level escalates beyond a threshold at which point the SoPoWake ALS system draws energy from its battery to operate its sensor and communication circuits.