Smart Glass Guidance System (SGGS)

Organization: Institute for Information Industry
Year: 2016

Smart Glass Guidance System (SGGS) is a smart-glass-based service system for user’s interactive retrieval of proximal information within a preset service perimeter. First demonstrated in a museum for visitors’ guidance, SGGS is equally useful in many other applications. Using an infrared code-marking system, the service end of SGGS’ works in the background to resolve user location within the service perimeter.  Based on this precise location, SGGS can respond to user requests and provide the required information from the back-end database—without ever interfering with the user’s normal activity as the marking system works in the invisible IR band. Useful information of the service can be proactively pushed by the system to the user through the smart glass the user wears. Usefulness of SGGS does not stop at this museum example. The perimeter of an SGGS service can, for example, be a shopping mall that provides merchandize information or a factory that allows workers to monitor and control operations. The technology is flexible, versatile and useful.