Physical and Cyber Risk Analysis Tool (PACRAT)

Organization: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Co-Developer(s): RhinoCorps Ltd. Co.
Year: 2016

Physical and Cyber Risk Analysis Tool (PACRAT) is a is a first-of-its-kind automated software tool to discover a “what if” analysis solution that approaches risk and vulnerability analysis by blending the cyber and physical domains such as evaluating cyber-enabled physical vulnerabilities and physical-enabled cyber vulnerabilities simultaneously. This enables a complete understanding of the security systems in place at a facility or within critical infrastructures and how to adequately protect those assets. In addition to performing holistic vulnerability analyses, PACRAT can also prioritize security upgrades based on their return on investment and ability to improve the overall security posture of a facility. Typically, performing vulnerability assessments and making upgrade recommendations is a very manual and laborious process. PACRAT reduces this process from days to weeks to a matter of minutes. Not only does it significantly reduce the time commitment, but the results are proven through a defensible algorithm, allowing users to feel confident in their investment decisions.