ORiGAMI: Oak Ridge Graph Analytics for Medical Innovation

Organization: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Year: 2016

ORiGAMI: Oak Ridge Graph Analytics for Medical Innovation is a novel, intelligent tool for discovering and evaluating potentially interesting associations and creating novel hypotheses in medicine. ORiGAMI helps “connect the dots” across 70 million knowledge nuggets published in 23 million papers in the medical literature. The tool works on a “Knowledge Graph” derived from SEMANTIC MEDLINE published by the National Library of Medicine integrated with scalable software that enables term-based, path-based, meta-pattern and analogy-based reasoning principles. Since ORiGAMI is an open-access tool (using demo-interface or the API-interface), medical professionals and researchers alike are exploring clinical questions (close to 30 unique searches per day) and finding answers to questions such as "How does Nexium treat heartburn?" "What viruses have similar characteristics as Ebola?" "Is xylene carcinogenic?" "Can beta-blockers accelerate diabetic-retinopathy?" ORiGAMI’s success with medical literature has led to newer collaborations in physics, intelligence and material discovery applications.