Tungsten LAM

Organization: PolarOnyx Inc.
Year: 2016

The Tungsten LAM femtosecond laser 3D printing supports low and high volume production of complex geometry components, and rapid manufacturing of customized products with regard to various applications such as aerospace, automotive, consumer and healthcare; government & defense, industrial machines, and education and research sectors. It combines additive manufacturing (AM) and subtractive manufacturing in one single platform by using one tunable pulsed fiber laser. It significantly reduces the cost and time for 3D metal printing, by eliminating a separate post processing after AM. Femtosecond fiber laser 3D printing system demonstrates unprecedented capability and performance—High temperature materials (such as Tungsten); Manipulating grain size and microstructure to improve mechanical properties; Create fine structures for micro-device manufacturing; Eliminate post processing (annealing, cutting, drilling, polishing, etc.).