Organization: Sharp Laboratories of America Inc. (SLA)
Co-Developer(s): Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Year: 2016

Electrochemical energy storage, if deployed in sufficient quantity, can address the imbalances between grid electricity generation and demand. According to studies, the 17 applications of energy storage could benefit the U.S. electric grid with a potential economic benefit in excess of $200 billion over a 10-year period. SLA’s novel SHARP-SIB(PW) product offers tremendous value within this application space and benefits from facile scalability, while at the same time is not limited by constraints typical of pumped hydro and compressed air energy storage. SLA’s new SIBs are a transformational technology for wide deployment of cost-effective, large-scale energy storage and will pave the way for meeting the aggressive electrochemical energy storage targets for the transportation sector as well. Overall, the technology provides comparable performance and safety at 25 percent lower cost relative to lithium-ion batteries while utilizing more abundant sodium, which is 1/10 the cost of lithium. This product is predicted to have 10× the cycle life of lithium-ion batteries while demonstrating ~3× energy density compared to conventional flow batteries.