Organization: Labminds
Year: 2016

LabMinds’ Revo is an adaptable, cloud-controlled and fully automated system for liquid solution preparation—one of the most ubiquitous tasks in more than 500,000 scientific, biotech and pharmaceutical laboratories worldwide. Revo centralizes solution preparation by combing a multi-step process—traditionally requiring many different tools and manual interaction—into one smart device. Revo allows the ordering and customization of solutions remotely using its web or mobile interface, and notifies the user when physical interaction is required. It offers unparalleled data integration, traceability and process adherence. With full process automation, just-in-time preparation of tailored solutions, and a sophisticated predictive maintenance approach, Revo releases scientific minds from the burden of procedural lab tasks. Revo holds the potential to free up about 1 million hours of research time per day worldwide. Revo's initial target market is scientific, biotech and pharmaceutical research laboratories, nevertheless the technology also finds application in the health & fitness, food & drinks, agriculture industries.