RETAIN Polymer Modifiers

Organization: The Dow Chemical Co.
Year: 2016

The goal is to move from linear economy to a circular economy where there is no waste – all “waste” becomes the raw materials for another product.  Barrier food packaging is a critical component of modern life, keeping food safe from contamination, reducing loss from spoilage and reducing the energy required in distribution. The option that calls attention on supermarket shelves is flexible barrier package that is able to protect the food, ensuring a longer shelf-life and no spoilage. Dow developed the RETAIN Polymer Modifiers enabling recycling across the value chain—from packaging converters and brand owners to consumers. Dow’s unique technology allows the design of a recyclable packaging solution for use in demanding oxygen barrier applications that meet these requirements and are fully recyclable in existing appropriate polyethylene recycle streams. Currently around the globe, barrier packaging is diverted into landfill or incineration.  With packaging solutions made with this product, the post-industrial as well as post-consumer recycling yields can be increased and thus will aid in the creation of a circular economy for plastic packaging.