Mobius 2000 Liter Single-Use Bioreactor

Organization: MilliporeSigma
Year: 2016

The Mobius 2000 Liter Single-Use Bioreactor is a stirred tank bioreactor that provides flexibility by configuring software, hardware, and single-use assemblies for use in suspension and adherent cell-culture applications for drug manufacturing.  The Mobius 2000 Liter Single-Use Bioreactor has a scalable ergonomic system to fit customer processes, providing the ultimate in flexibility, scalability and convenience. With configurable software, hardware and single-use Flexware assemblies for suspension and adherent cell-culture applications, the new 2000 liter single-use bioreactor incorporates industry-leading design features that enable users to easily optimize their upstream process.  The bioreactor can be supplied as a fully-integrated system with intuitive GMP-compliant software that reduces the learning curve for operators and allows for easy integration into plant automation strategies. For customers with plant-wide common automation strategies, the single-use bioreactor can be integrated into third party automated platforms.