Fluidic Factory

Organization: Blacktrace Holdings Ltd.
Year: 2016

Fabrication techniques in the fluidic/microfluidic industry are too slow and expensive for a prototyping approach. There is a clear market need for a device able to fabricate prototypes in an efficient, cost-effective manner. The Fluidic Factory is the first commercially available 3D printer able to reliably fabricate custom-made fluidically sealed devices. This is done in an extremely fast, user-friendly manner. Unlike any other 3D printer on the market, Fluidic Factory has been custom designed from scratch with the aim of ensuring the production of milli- and micro- fluidic devices able to contain fluidically sealed features. All other 3D printers focus on creating well-defined external shapes and give secondary importance to inner parts. Contrarily, the Fluidic Factory gives primary importance to inner features and ensures that any embedded channel is fluidically sealed.

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