Zinkicide Agricultural Therapeutic

Organization: University of Central Florida
Year: 2016

UCF’s patented Zinkicide Agricultural Therapeutic material is an innovative, engineered, nanotechnology-enabled systemic bactericide that treats citrus trees infected by bacteria associated with the incurable citrus greening disease or HLB.  Zinkicide’s unique small particle size and surface structure allows it to be absorbed and mobilized into plant tissues.  By design, Zinkicide can find and kill HLB-causing bacteria that hide in the plant’s vascular system, making treatment and cure possible.  Zinkicide has positive environmental impact and degrades into plant micronutrients, improving the health of the tree. It’s is an immediate and deployable solution for citrus growers who are part of the multi-billion dollar U.S. citrus industry in Florida, which has been in decline for the past 10 years due to HLB.