Waste Tire Derived Carbon

Organization: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Co-Developer(s): RJ Lee Group Inc.
Year: 2016

Oak Ridge National Laboratory and RJ Lee Group have demonstrated the use of waste-tire-derived carbon technology as high capacity anode in rechargeable batteries. The Waste-Tire Derived Carbon technology uniquely enables the practical, societal and economical use of waste tires in a green value-added product. This technology solves three key performance needs for a rechargeable battery:  higher performance, low cost and unlimited carbon supply chain. Carbon recovered from recycled waste tires has been demonstrated as anodes in lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries with a cost reduction of over 11 to 12 percent. It is estimated that every year more than a billion end-of-life tires are generated worldwide, posing serious hazards to public health and the environment. This technology will result in a significant reduction in carbon emissions and result in a lower-cost, higher-performance lithium-ion battery and to achieve the energy efficiency and competitive cost required to successfully implemented into the electric car technology.