Stress-induced Fabrication of Functionally Designed Nanomaterials

Organization: Sandia National Laboratories
Year: 2016

Stress-Induced Fabrication of Functionally Designed Nanomaterials enables the production of new materials with better performance and structure control while reducing costs, improving manufacturability and minimizing environmental and safety concerns. The technology represents a new paradigm for the production of functionally designed nanomaterials with more degrees of freedom than chemical methods. It offers significant flexibility in control of materials architecture and property as well as direct integration of nanoelectronic devices. The cross-disciplinary, economic, logistic and environmental benefits of these new processes promise widespread impact for this technology. This technology development captured the 2015 MRS Fred Kavli Nanoscience Award. Sandia National Laboratories pioneered the development of this technology with a series of patents and high-profile publications.