Organization: Vitro
Year: 2016

SOLARBAN 90 Glass is the first architectural glass to incorporate PPG's patent-pending "quad-silver" coating technology. The most significant technical advance since PPG introduced triple-silver-coated glasses in 2005, SOLARBAN 90 Glass features a fourth "nano-layer" of silver with “plasmonic” particles that PPG can manipulate to exert unprecedented levels of control over the aesthetics and performance of architectural glass. The ongoing development of solar control, low-e glasses is critical to the advancement of sustainable design because they transmit high levels of daylight while blocking most of the sun's heat energy.  These characteristics reduce reliance on artificial lighting and air-conditioning, which together consume nearly 70 percent of the energy used by commercial buildings in the U.S. Studies also show the buildings with high levels of daylighting produce better environments for human health, productivity, learning, healing and psychological well-being.