PuLMo: Pulmonary Lung Model

Organization: Los Alamos National Laboratory
Year: 2016

To avoid lung disease complications, scientists and engineers at Los Alamos National Laboratory have developed PuLMo: Pulmonary Lung Model—a miniature, tissue-engineered lung platform that precisely mimics the response of human lungs to pharmaceuticals and other agents. The principal application of PuLMo is to revolutionize the reliability of drug toxicity assessments and better predict the efficacy of a new drug in humans. Since PuLMo is the size of an actual human lung, such miniaturization makes it possible to evaluate multiple units at a time. Customization of integrated components could also create models for different lung-specific diseases and conditions. Another application is using PuLMo as a platform from which to study the flow dynamics of particles inside a lung. These flow dynamics are essential in many research and development applications, including drug delivery, smoke and e-cigarette inhalation studies, as well as particle/pathogen deposition studies.