PhosZero with E-FeX Technology

Organization: U.S. Water Services Inc.
Year: 2016

The PhosZero with E-FeX Technology stands for Environmentally Friendly Iron (Fe) Control, a proprietary chemistry developed by U.S. Water. E-FeX Technology is a synergistic blend of ingredients that replace the most common uses of phosphorus in cooling water applications. Corrosion control is promoted by the formation of an adherent iron oxide passivation layer on carbon steel surfaces.  This layer is different from other corrosion technologies like zinc, phosphate or carbonate, in that the protective layer is so thin that it does not reduce heat transfer efficiency. PhosZero's proprietary chemistry uses less sulfuric acid for pH control when compared to zinc/phosphate or stabilized phosphate treatment programs for corrosion control. PhosZero contains no molybdate, zinc, chromate or borate. This lowers overall treatment cost, eases discharge issues and can reduce permit concerns over hazardous material storage. Generation 1 PhosZero was developed for soft water. Generation 2, PhosZero with E-FeX technology, works in soft water to moderately hard water.