Paradigm WG Herbicide with Arylex Active

Organization: Dow AgroSciences
Year: 2016

The world’s population is projected to grow from around 7 billion to about 9 billion by 2050. Human diet continues to shift towards higher protein and dairy products. On the other hand, resources such as land and water needed to feed the globe are under constant pressure from urbanization and climate change. Herbicide tolerant weeds threaten growers’ ability to meet the market demand. In order to address these challenges, Dow AgroSciences is committed to help growers improve productivity in a sustainable way. Paradigm WG Herbicide with Arylex Active is a new herbicide product for controlling hard to kill weeds in cereal crops. It contains Arylex, a novel active ingredient that offers post emergence control over many common broadleaf weeds in cereals and other crops. Paradigm water dispersible granule formulation offers many advantages, including ease of handling, dispersion and spraying under a variety of climatic conditions.