Nanostructured Anti-Reflecting & Water-Repellent Surface Coatings

Organization: Brookhaven National Laboratory
Year: 2016

Nanostructured Anti-Reflecting and Water-Repellent Surface Coatings is a scalable, nanotechnology-based coating method for imparting perfect, full-color anti-reflection and robust water-repellency to surfaces made of silicon, glass, and some plastics. Its approach combines thin-film manufacturing processes with the ability of block copolymers materials to self-organize at nanometer-scale dimensions, creating a new approach to structuring materials at nanoscale dimensions over arbitrarily large areas.  This approach is highly versatile and amenable to different substrates, and has extended the technique to texturing glass and plastics such as kapton, polyimide, PET and Teflon. Antireflection and water repellency are important qualities to endow in solar cells, as they directly affect performance.  The ability to endow these properties in glass and plastics significantly broadens the application space to include windows, touch screens and lighting, among many others.