Organization: The Dow Chemical Co.
Year: 2016

MOR-FREE L PLUS 1 / CR 121 co-reactant is a reactive, solvent-free, two-component adhesive system based on polyurethane chemistry. This adhesive system is used with state-of-the-art lamination machines for the production of flexible food packaging. The converting industry uses a wide variety of films, like PET, PE, Al foil, CPP, OPA, OPP and other, to tailor the film properties.  Specific properties, like gas barrier, puncture resistance, printability, sealability and more, are controlled by choice of the layers used to construct a barrier film.  Sealing the variety of films challenges chemical technology.  Complete curing of the reactive adhesive system requires time to achieve full performance and must also to be compliant with current food contact legislation. This adhesive system allows the converter to shorten the total curing time and also realize higher web speeds on production lines, which is key to improve conversion efficiency and also the sustainability of the entire value chain.