MicroMAX JetMachining Center (Generation 2)

Organization: OMAX Corp.
Year: 2016

Success in developing and commercializing micro abrasive waterjet (mAWJ) technology, supported by an NSF SBIR Phase II/IIB grant, has led to the novel MicroMAX JetMachining Center (Generation 2) for precision meso-micro machining. Innovative processes and devices were developed to meet critical challenges resulting in five relevant U.S. patents, with two more patents pending. OMAX now has a complete product line of JMC for machining most materials from macro to micro scales for various part size and thickness. Such capability is unmatched by other machine tools. The technological and manufacturing merits of mAWJ technology have opened many doors for new industrial and military applications. The technology has also demonstrated machining nanomaterials with large gradients of material properties from metal to nonmetal and anything in-between because of its material independence and preservation of the integrity of parent materials.