Low-Cost, Flexible, Single-Crystal-Like, Large-Area, CdTe Substrates For Epitaxial Electronic & Electrical Devices

Organization: TexMat L.L.C.
Co-Developer(s): TapeSolar Inc.
Year: 2016

Low-Cost, Flexible, Single-Crystal-Like, Large-Area CdTe Substrates for Epitaxial Electronic & Electrical Devices provides a template for subsequent growth of electrical and electronic devices.  Compared to CdTe single crystals that are more expensive and can be fabricated in very small sizes, these substrates are essentially transformational. Devices based on CdTe have numerous applications such as infrared detectors for applications from military night vision to deep space infrared telescopy; radiation detectors for X-ray and Y-ray detection for applications such as medical imaging, security monitoring, nuclear safeguarding and astrophysics; and it is best known for its application to photovoltaic devices. This product can be made in wide areas such as a meter wide and can also be fabricated in a roll-to-roll configuration. If such a low-cost, flexible, single-crystal-like substrate is used to grown heteroepitaxial devices, it will allow for fabrication of low-cost, large-area, flexible, high-performance CdTe-based devices such as photodetectors for short, medium and long wavelength IR radiation operating without cryogenic cooling.