IKONIC 4100 Polishing Pads for Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP)

Organization: Dow Electronic Materials
Year: 2016

IKONIC 4100 Polishing Pads for Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) are being used in the most sensitive and advanced CMP applications in the semiconductor manufacturing industry today, including the 14nm, 10nm and 7nm technology nodes. Pads in the IKONIC 4100 series successfully balance the performance trade-offs of conventional polyurethane CMP pads, giving manufacturers both exceptional low defectivity (high yield) and high removal rate (productivity). Innovative surface texture and optimized mechanical properties of the IKONIC 4100 series significantly improves polishing performance in many critical metrics, including defectivity, removal rate stability and potential pad life. This is exemplified by the IKONIC 4121H polishing pad, which demonstrates the ability to disrupt traditional performance trade-offs between defectivity and removal rate/planarization in CMP applications. IKONIC 4121H also demonstrates compelling defectivity performance improvements over the IC1000 polishing pad, today’s industry standard.