Hitachi Semiconductor Strain Sensor

Organization: Hitachi Ltd.
Co-Developer(s): Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd.
Year: 2016

The Hitachi Semiconductor Strain Sensor is a highly accurate, built-in torque sensor for controlling drive mechanisms in real-time. Conventionally, strain gauges or crystal piezoelectric devices have been used for torque measurements at the experimental level. However, because of their large size and low durability, it is difficult to integrate such devices into machines. It guarantees a high measurement accuracy (the error range is less than 1 percent), because it measures the shear strain of a rotating shaft directly. This new Hitachi torque sensor utilizes a high-sensitivity sensing module, SSM10-001, so it is not necessary to redesign the drive mechanism including the shaft. Real-time control with high precision torque measurements is a constant problem in the machine industry. This new Hitachi torque sensor is intended to solve this problem. Data and power are transmitted between the rotating side and fixed side data in a non-contact manner.