Grid Burner

Organization: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Year: 2016

Gas burner technology has not changed significantly in 100 years. The Grid Burner is a fundamentally different burner design, enabled by innovations that allow the use of a fully premixed fuel-air stream. This departure from conventional cooking technology is an elegant, efficient, high-BTU and high turn-down burner that can match flame area to pot size, is easy to clean, provides even heating, boils water in one-quarter less time than conventional burners, and reduces NOx, CO, and GHG emissions—all at one-half to one sixth of the cost of current options. The flexibility of flame-port designs enables burner manufacturers to rearrange them to increase cooking performance, target specific applications and uniquely brand burners for different appliance manufacturers. The deceptively simple Grid Burner design took significant innovation and optimization effort to achieve.