EcoSnap-AC Heat Pump System

Organization: National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Year: 2016

Room air conditioners are objects of necessity for some people, but with serious drawbacks. Their noise and low efficiency—as well as the potential issues with water leaks, security and safety—sometimes make them more a source of discomfort than of comfort. The EcoSnap-AC Heat Pump System solves these problems while delivering high-efficiency heating and cooling all at an affordable cost. The key to the technology is the relatively simple, robust, through-the-wall installation provided by one or two small holes. That's much better than losing the use of a window or cutting an air-conditioner-sized hole in the wall. The EcoSnap-AC heat pump borrows the concept of a split system from the much more expensive mini splits, delivering a similar functionality at a lower equipment cost and with minimal installation costs. It fills a market gap between relatively cheap and inefficient room air conditioners and much more expensive mini splits and central air conditioners.