DSS Roll-Out Solar Array (ROSA) System

Organization: Deployable Space Systems Inc. (DSS)
Co-Developer(s): NASA Glenn Research Center, Air Force Research Laboratory - Space Vehicles Directorate
Year: 2016

The DSS Roll-Out Solar Array (ROSA) System is an ultra-high performance solar array system that converts solar radiation (sunlight) into electricity for reliably generating power for spacecraft to support long life space missions.  The patented ROSA solar array provides extraordinary affordability (up to 25 percent to 50 percent cost savings), high performance,  lightweight (66 percent to 75 percent total mass reduction), compact stowage (up to 90 percent stowage volume reduction), high deployed strength/stiffness (up to right times stiffer and stronger), high reliability (50 percent fewer parts), practicality, simplicity, and modularity, and allows for seamless integration of standard and advanced photovoltaics, and concentrator blanket technologies.  ROSA provides a performance paradigm shift for the space power industry in terms of significantly lower cost, greater specific power, compact stowage volume, higher structural performance, higher deployment reliability, high power capability, less complexity and higher modularity/scalability.