Dow Corning OE-7662/OE-7651N Optical Encapsulants

Organization: Dow Corning Toray Co. Ltd.
Year: 2016

Two significant challenges face the LED industry today due to limitations in existing encapsulation products. The first challenge is the gradual decay of light intensity caused by discoloration of the reflector beneath the encapsulant. The second challenge is the phenomenon referred to as “color binning” during LED production. Dow Corning OE-7662/OE-7651N Optical Encapsulants represent a step change improvement in two key performance dimensions—sulfur corrosion and color binning, compared to existing optical encapsulant products. The underlying technologies enabling the performance improvements are patentable based on proprietary polymer architectures and formulations, demonstrating significant materials innovation and application understanding. To underscore the value created by these product offerings, sales in 2015 have exceeded $7 million and include multiple industry leaders as satisfied customers. Dow Corning OE-7662 and OE-7651N have been developed offering enhanced protection of the silver reflector from discoloration and improved phosphor dispersion.