Desothane Solar Heat Management Coatings

Organization: PPG Industries
Year: 2016

A new solar-heat-management coating system developed by PPG Industries’ aerospace business helps keep aircraft passenger cabins cooler. The product design of Desothane Solar Heat Management Coatings was inspired by nature’s eggplant, which bears an infrared-transparent dark skin over a reflective white inner flesh. This novel PPG Aerospace solar-heat-management coating system can reduce external aircraft skin temperatures up to 25 °F, helping keep interior cabin temperatures cooler by 5 to 7 °F. This product has enabled the invention of new, durable near-infrared transparent tints for formulating dark colors and developing aerospace primers with improved infrared-reflective performance. With this technology, PPG Aerospace heat management coatings address three important customer concerns: energy costs, color choice and heat protection for composite parts.