CapaciTorr HV 200

Organization: SAES Getters S.p.A.
Co-Developer(s): SAES Advanced Technologies S.p.A.
Year: 2016

NEG pumps are increasingly used in a broad range of vacuum equipment and experiments due to their compactness and extremely high pumping speed, the absence of vibration and magnetic field, the zero maintenance and the ease of operation. At present, available NEG pumps have limited capacity and are used only in UHV applications. This is unfortunate, as most of the vacuum systems and processes are designed for HV, so they cannot benefit at all from NEG technology. The Capacitorr HV 200 is a “revolutionary” device, as it is the first NEG pump that can bridge the gap and be used in a pressure range at least a factor 100 higher than standard NEG pumps. This is achieved thanks to the development of a novel getter alloy (ZAO) having improved performances, which is integrated into a newly-designed pump. A variety of industrial and research equipment operating in HV will benefit from this compact pump to reduce the footprint and weight of their systems or to redesign them, taking advantage of the Capacitorr HV 200 features.