Aerocron 2100 Electrocoat Primer

Organization: PPG Industries
Co-Developer(s): Air Force Research Labs, NAVAIR
Year: 2016

Aerocron 2100 Electrocoat Primer achieves the benefits of automotive electrocoat at temperature limits required by the aerospace industry, all while protecting workers and the environment with proprietary non-chrome corrosion inhibitors. The electrocoat process provides consistent film thicknesses and improved paint coverage on complex parts. This feature leads to significant fuel savings and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The electrocoat system is an environmentally-friendly aqueous painting process with a long history in the automotive and industrial markets. However, electrocoat primers used in the automotive industry typically cure at temperatures of 350°F or higher. At these temperatures strength and fatigue properties of aerospace aluminum are threatened and entirely new polymer technologies had to be developed, which would allow cure at 200°F. Current and planned regulatory requirements are eliminating the use of hexavalent chromium as a corrosion inhibitor in aerospace coating systems. Aerocron 2100 Primer is an immersion process, which represents a paradigm shift in the way protective coatings are applied to critical aviation assets, with advantages over conventional solvent-bourne spray applied coatings.