ACCENT Wax Inhibitor

Organization: Dow Oil, Gas and Mining
Year: 2016

ACCENT Wax Inhibitor is an innovative aqueous-based production chemical used in the oil and gas industry for the flow assurance of waxy crude oils. These water-based products prevent undesirable deposition of wax when added to crude oils, making oil production easier and more sustainable. The ACCENT materials are environmentally-friendly, and the absence of solvent results in a nonflammable product, improving handling safety. The high active polymer concentration makes them unique and allows for lower treatment dosages, reducing transportation and logistics costs by five to 10 times. They can also be freeze-protected and used in harsh arctic environments where very few solutions exist today. The ACCENTTM Wax Inhibitor dispersions were shown to be effective pour point depressants on various crude oils. The pour point is the temperature at which a crude oil gels and can cause a blockage in the production equipment. Therefore, decreasing the pour point below the ambient use temperature can prevent blockages from occurring.