USBsync (Personal Portable Device Pocket Cloud)

Organization: Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Year: 2016

ITRI has developed a wireless USB Dongle, named USBsync (Personal Portable Device Pocket Cloud). The dongle enables file sharing and screen synchronization between one-to-eight wireless transmissions. The technique will be used instead of internet transmission and portable USB storage devices to share users' files. USBsync uses a wireless dongle and a set of apps. This dongle and app perform two important functions. The first is that master’s electric device shares the screen with other clients by synchronous wireless transmission. Second, the product can share files of any format (e.g., ppt, doc, jpg, mp4, etc.) from the master device to multiple clients. The sharing method uses wireless transmission rather than USB, internet, server or cloud workstation delivery. The technology can accommodate one to eight users, and the company is currently developing technology to accommodate one to 16 users. Applications include teaching systems in classrooms, office meetings and virtual tour guiding. The screen broadcasting method utilizes a local intranet, therefore the transmission speed is faster than using conventional internet.