Transparent Diamond X-Ray Beam Position Monitors

Organization: Stony Brook University
Co-Developer(s): Brookhaven National Laboratory, Case Western Reserve University
Year: 2016

Scientists have led the development of a wide variety of X-ray detectors based on synthetic diamonds. Fulfilling a universal need among synchrotron beamline developers and scientists, these Transparent Diamond X-Ray Beam Position Monitors provide extraordinarily accurate measure of X-ray flux, position and shape in a small versatile form factor, replacing and adding critical functionality over traditional ion chamber detectors and silicon diodes. More importantly, X-ray beams with hotspots or variable profiles (such as those that include adjustable focusing optics) also require capturing the beam profile, which is achieved with the novel 2D imaging detector available with 1024 pixels. As third-generation synchrotron beamlines continue to be built with higher flux and flux density, diamond based X-ray detectors methods are currently the only commercially available device that can simultaneously measure the flux, position and profile of these X-ray beams.