T-QUAKE (Transceiver for Quantum Keys and Encryption)

Organization: Sandia National Laboratories
Year: 2016

T-QUAKE (Transceiver for Quantum Keys and Encryption) miniaturizes all of the components necessary to securely encode, transmit, receive and decode quantum photonic signals onto a single microchip, in effect creating an ultra-secure cryptographic network node for any secure communication or network application. T-QUAKE accomplishes what bench-scale quantum encryption systems do but at one millionth the scale, on a chip roughly 3 mm x 5 mm and weighing less than an ounce. Because of the ability to mass fabricate microchips using traditional CMOS techniques, T-QUAKE also dramatically reduces costs. Current quantum communication laboratory systems have a price point greater than $100,000 for one transmitter-receiver system. T-QUAKE is capable of offering quantum information security to billions of people and, like the transistor at the advent of a nationwide telephone network, it’s envisioned that the quantum key distribution transceiver will be a pillar of future, guaranteed-secure online networks, medical records repositories and banking systems.