OPTIMIZER3 Circuit Breaker Performance Monitor

Organization: INCON
Year: 2016

The OPTIMIZER3 Circuit Breaker Performance Monitor system is a complete performance monitoring system for high voltage substation circuit breakers. Its primary function is to monitor the SF6 gas pressure in the circuit breaker.  If the SF6 leaks out, the circuit breaker function is compromised and can result in a catastrophic failure. The technology is physically mounted inside the circuit breaker control cabinet or other suitable location adjacent to the circuit breaker. It uses a LINUX-based ARM processor to rapidly poll outboard sensors and state variables of the circuit breaker controls. When the circuit breaker opens or closes, or if any sensor detects changes, the information is stored and messages are "pushed" to the utility SCADA communications system. The product is a maintenance planning tool that helps utilities dispatch repair or testing personnel only when needed, rather than on a regularly scheduled basis.  It functions as the "nurse" which calls the "doctor" when measured conditions or performance parameters are outside of limits.