Long-Distance Floating Multi-Screen Head-Up Display

Organization: Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Year: 2016

ITRI’s unique Long-Distance Floating Multi-Screen Head-Up Display optical technology helps make automobiles safer. This product prioritizes driver safety by projecting the driving information directly into the driver’s field of vision (at a 2-meter distance after the windshield), allowing the driver to stay focused on the road and avoiding fatigue or risks caused by constantly shifting the driver’s attention between the road and the dashboard. An innovative virtual-optics imaging methodology is applied to project virtual images at a distance. The optical system undergoes a parameter optimization so that the driver can read the detailed driving information on the display at a glance without affecting driver safety. The long-distance floating multiscreen HUD optical technology can simultaneously project three separate but adjacent displays. It supports the built-in features of the vehicle’s head unit, and allows individual drivers to freely customize and adjust the content of each display according to their information needs while maintaining safe driving conditions.