Organization: CEL
Year: 2016

Cortet is a turnkey connectivity suite linking your device to any cloud.  It's an ensemble of four well-orchestrated connectivity layers built around a strong embedded core.  With Cortet, control and monitoring functions are locally centered on your device, providing autonomous, latency-free connectivity for IoT devices while still maintaining tight integration with established third-party ecosystems. As a full connectivity suite, Cortet wraps four connectivity 'layers' around an IoT device, essentially giving everyday devices a voice so that they can communicate effortlessly with the cloud.  Cortet is worthy of recognition since it bridges the connectivity gap, which is hindering the widescale adoption of the IoT. Decades of design expertise in RF circuitry and antenna optimization, embedded system design, app design, adaptive local & remote control and secure cloud access are all rolled into a complete, cohesive suite. The technology stands apart since it was designed to take advantage of localized edge computing.