ZipChip Microfluidic Separations for Mass Spectrometry

Organization: 908 Devices Inc.
Year: 2016

ZipChip Microfluidic Separations for Mass Spectrometry allows for direct analysis of complex biological samples providing sample preparation, separation and direct electrospray for MS detection, all on an integrated microfluidic device.  ZipChips are compatible with a broad range of analytes from small-molecule metabolites and amino acids, through peptides and intact proteins, antibodies and antibody drug conjugates.  ZipChip is deployed from fundamental academic research as well as in the biopharmaceutical industry from early-stage research through to monitoring of growth media and final biotherapeutics in production.  With intact proteins and antibodies, ZipChip gives characterization of intact molecules in a near native state that is unique and not presently available with other MS-compatible techniques.