XPM - Accelerated Property Mapping

Organization: Hysitron Inc.
Year: 2016

XPM - Accelerated Property Mapping sets a new industry standard in terms of nanomechanical testing throughput paired with measurement resolution and accuracy. With XPM, more data can be taken in a single afternoon than could be collected in an entire year using traditional nanoindentation methodologies. These exclusive performance capabilities are made possible by the coupling and optimization of three industry-leading Hysitron technologies: a high bandwidth electrostatically actuated transducer, fast control and data acquisition electronics, and top-down in-situ SPM imaging. These synchronized technologies have the ability to perform six nanoindentation measurements/second to rapidly achieve comprehensive quantitative nanomechanical property maps, greatly increase measurement confidence through robust property distribution statistics, accelerate mandatory system calibrations, and enable reliable nanomechanical testing at elevated temperatures.