ScreenChip System

Organization: NemaMetrix Inc.
Year: 2016

The ScreenChip System is a palm-sized device that allows affordable, high throughput, label-less physiological monitoring of the well understood C. elegans model animal to enable real-time discovery of drugs and their molecular mechanisms of action. The ScreenChip platform measures minute electrical signals using microfluidics to analyze the effects of drugs and environmental toxins on the C. elegans worm, a small, transparent nematode that shares a high degree of genetic and neurophysiological similarity with humans. With its well understood nervous system, completely sequenced genome and the ability to modify its genetic underpinnings to emulate a human illness, the worm is one of the most important laboratory animals in the world, which is why it is used widely in research to drive understanding and unlock cures for more than 60 percent of human diseases.