Sanger Arrayed Lentiviral CRISPR Libraries

Organization: MilliporeSigma
Co-Developer(s): Wellcome Trust, Sanger Institute, Sigma-Aldrich, EMD Millipore
Year: 2016

Sanger Arrayed Lentiviral CRISPR Library is a whole human genome "arrayed" library in glycerol format, meaning 1 gRNA in each well of 383 x 96-well plates. The arrayed library is a tool to allow for the systematic targeted knockout of 17,167 individual human genes. The library enables discovery of genes involved in drug resistance, human disease and a wide variety of biological processes. It represents the intersection of two powerful technologies—lentiviral delivery and efficient Cas9 nuclease for gene knockout. The library is composed of bioinformatically optimized CRISPR gRNAs to create double strand breaks.