P7700 Series TriMode Probes

Organization: Tektronix
Year: 2016

The P7700 Series TriMode Probes for use with Tektronix performance oscilloscopes, deliver several innovations that improve the ability to probe and acquire signals in the face of challenges. The P7700 series probes use an active input buffer directly on the tip of the probe. Other probes have traditionally located the amplifier several inches or feet back from the actual probing point. These new accessories provide several improvements in signal access for today’s tightly spaced components and hardware. The probes feature very low probe loading on the circuit under test, critical for buses such as LPDDR and MIPI D-PHY and C-PHY, which can run in unterminated, low power states. The P7700 series probes offer lower cost per connection with accessories that are easily replaceable and low in cost.