Open Port Sampling Interfaces for Mass Spectrometry

Organization: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Year: 2016

Open Port Sampling Interfaces for Mass Spectrometry (OPSIs) solve a major bottleneck in the expansion of mass spectrometry, an important measurement technique, to more general use and wider application. OPSIs are a solution to the lingering problem of finding ways to introduce the analytical power of mass spectrometry to important measurement applications outside the traditional laboratory and without the presence of highly skilled analysts, such as on-site security and forensics investigations; process control; food and water safety; and noninvasive, point-of-care disease diagnosis in hospitals and clinics. OPSIs are uncomplicated devices that enable varied means of introducing unprocessed samples into a solvent for rapid characterization by liquid introduction atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometry. They provide an elegantly simple means for novice and expert users of mass spectrometry to chemically characterize materials in near real time without sample preparation or fear of instrument contamination.