Organization: Proportional Technologies
Co-Developer(s): Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Alion Science and Technology, University of Tennessee, ORNL, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, Sandia National Laboratories, SSC-Pacific RADIAC Group
Year: 2016

The n-Defender is specifically designed for security monitoring applications, with an emphasis on reliability, accuracy and ease of use. The new n-Defender family of interdiction products represents a leap forward in the nuclear weapons interdiction market. Developed for fixed, mobile and portable radiation detection applications, n-Defender is designed to provide users with the most sensitive nuclear weapons and materials detection capability while at the same time ensuring a cost-effective, high-reliability product. Preserving the basic advantages of the 3He tube, n-Defender provides significant advantages over competitive neutron detectors for installations in fixed portal monitoring systems at ports and borders, mobile search systems for land and maritime missions, and portable radiation instruments such as backpacks and handhelds.