NanoBlitz 4D Mechanical Property Tomography

Organization: Nanomechanics Inc.
Year: 2016

NanoBlitz 4D Mechanical Property Tomography is an indentation technique that provides accurate and precise mechanical property tomograms (volumetric information) on engineering materials, components and multi-layer devices in short periods of time. Nanoblitz 4D uses the dynamic actuation capabilities of Nanomechanics Inc. nanoindenters to provide applied load, indenter displacement and contact stiffness as a function of position within a volume of tested material. This information is then converted to elastic modulus and hardness data that can be explored within the data review software or exported to external programs. NanoBlitz 4D builds upon decades of experience and development in the field of nanomechanics that utilizes state-of-the-art software programming, instrument control and engineering mechanics to provide high-speed testing that removes traditional artifacts of indentation testing (e.g., thermal drift and environmental influences).