MRS 7000 Series Preclinical MRI System

Organization: MR Solutions
Year: 2016

The MRS 7000 Series is the world’s first 7.0T cryogen-free preclinical MRI imaging system combined with PET and/or SPECT. MR Solution’s cryogen-free 7T preclinical MRI imaging system provides superior soft tissue contrast and molecular imaging capability. The MRS-7000 is a very compact benchtop system offering rampable field strengths of 0.1T to 7.0T. It can be wheeled in to Class III or IV laboratories rather than having any special facilities built for it. MR Solutions’ innovation has eliminated the requirement for the expensive and cumbersome liquid helium jacket and quench provision with a revolutionary magnet design incorporating superconducting magnet coils, which are cooled by direct conduction by a readily available, off-the-shelf cryocooler fridge unit.