Mitrecin A Antimicrobial Discovery and Application Method

Organization: The Mitre Corp.
Year: 2016

Mitrecin AAntimicrobial Discovery and Application Method is an antimicrobial enzyme that kills medically and agriculturally relevant pathogens of the genera Salmonella, Shigella, Yersinia, Vibrio, Escherichia and Aeromonas. The enzyme was discovered within the genome of a previously uncharacterized soil bacterium using cutting-edge massively parallel DNA sequencing technologies and bioinformatics. Mitrecin A demonstrates an ability to retain activity at high pH and elevated salinity, making it amenable for use against pathogens in harsh environments beyond the physiological constraints of antibodies. In nature, Mitrecin A and protein antimicrobials like it are excreted into the surrounding environment by the producing-bacterium in order to kill bacterial neighbors that might compete for food resources. The enzyme attacks the bonds within the cell wall of the susceptible bacterial pathogen, weakening its structure.